An event for lifesavers

from all over Europe









A project to promote the
rescue sport in Flanders

RedFed is a recognized sports federation with the aim of supporting and promoting the safety of water sports practitioners in Flanders. By publicizing the rescue sport and its rescue training, RedFed wants to teach everyone the skills to help themselves and others in emergency situations in and around the water. Under the motto ‘Everyone can save’ the organization wants to train as many interested people as possible to become trained rescuers.

Because the challenges of surf lifesaving capture the imagination, RedFed annually organizes FILCOW for the public. During this spectacular event, everything RedFed stands for is brought together into a weekend full of lifesaving, where the best athletes in Europe compete against each other. In situations where time is of the essence, FILCOW wants to prepare rescuers in an exciting competition to give the best of themselves at any time.



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